Iced tea ad is a little fishy

Q: What’s the best way to encourage young urban women to drink Iced Tea?

A: How about a deep integrated social media campaign serving up a genuine platform for women to communicate around the brand whilst also offering some from of digital incentive giveaway?


...we could do an ad with a singing fish?

Lipton's singing fish is part of its 'drink on the bright side' campaign, but the connection back to the product is somewhat less than clear here. McDonald’s and Findus have both taken a similar warbling sea creature route, but with a much more direct product link behind the ads.  McDonald’s offered up a quirky singing wall mounted bass to promote is Fillet–O-Fish burger, and Findus went a step further by placing a motion-activated billboard of fish singing 'Shake Your Booty' by KC and the Sunshine Band in a busy pedestrianised area of Paris.

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