If the shoe fits

The Skechers footwear brand is embarking on a new children’s TV animation series, Zevo-3, based on comic book charters created by the brand in 2007, apparently due to consumer demand. Characters include Z-Strap, Elastica and Kewl Breeze who will fight against the evil Stank Foot (voiced by Star Wars' Mark Hamill).

The show will feature no direct Skechers links (such as product placement) but the brand will advertise on the NickToons channel that broadcasts the show, and also intends to promote the show at retail in the eight week’s prior to launch.

Ever since Mattel pushed the toy/entertainment agenda with the He Man franchise back in the ‘80s brands have seen the creative benefit of aligning products with kids animation. However, marketing directly to children is a touchy subject with regulators and Skechers will need to operate carefully around its new ‘un-branded entertainment’ platform.

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