Ikea: comedy battle of the sexes

Ikea is following up its recent spate of ads featuring cats and people dancing in their kitchens with a campaign focused on comedy and the relationship issues that arise around interior clutter.

The comedic campaign kicks off today (rather nicely on April Fool’s Day) with a TV ad campaign that pits two male comedians against two female comedians in a battle of the wise cracks in front of a live studio audience.

One liners include: “my girlfriend hasn’t just managed to fill up the wardrobe, she’s actually managed to fill up Narnia” and “the only think a man will clear out is his Internet history”.

The brand is also extending the message to its Facebook page, inviting visitors to take sides in the ongoing feud and submit photo evidence of clutter crimes online. Doing so will see them receiving recommendations as to types of furniture that may help to ease the in-fighting caused by clutter.

“We are committed to understating how our customers live life at home so we can provide solutions to make life happier,” said Anna Crona, marketing director at IKEA UK.

“Everybody has storage needs in the home and by encouraging debate and providing solutions we will show that IKEA is relevant to everybody, no matter what your home is like or how much money you have.”

It’s yet another piece of clever marketing from a brand that has been running the very real risk of falling into the consumer perception trap of being the MFI of the 21st century.  Its recent kitchen campaign put a music sync to work in a fluid and accessible way, and utilising comedy here goes to show that attention grabbing marketing now requires brands to dip into a much wider spectrum of entertainment.

At present comedy is proving to be one of the most untapped and potentially lucrative brand assets available and its encouraging to see stand up being used in such a mainstream integrated ad campaign as this.

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