Ikea: undercover music marketing

The furniture retailer has created some interesting promotions of late, from releasing cats across its store to utilsing stand up comedians, right through to its unique 365-day project which created daily ads.

Music has also played a key role in its recent efforts. For example the brand - with help from Indie music act Man Like Me - recently reinvigorated the Jona Lewie song “You’ll Always Find Me In The kitchen at Parties” for a major ad campaign focused on its kitchen installations.

Ikea has now turned its attentions to music once again by teaming up with a number of Swedish musicians on a new marketing campaign in order to promote its range of beds and mattresses.

The new initiative forms part of the ‘Better Sleep for Everyone’ ad campaign and sees Ikea working collaboratively with six Swedish music artists, such as Tove Styrke, Albin Gromer and Siw Malmkvist, on an album of exclusive tracks that sees the musicians reinterpreting classic lullabies in their own style. The album will be made available through Sony Music and will debut on both iTunes and Spotify.

Each new track is also accompanied by a unique music video featuring Ikea products, which will be utilised in 30 second TV spots in addition to longer form productions which are available online (both on YouTube and via a dedicated full screen HTML site.

The promotion acts as a major PR vehicle for the artists in question, providing finance for the development of new creative works (both musical and visual), in addition to the bios featured on the Ikea website and the album acting as direct marketing collateral for the artist's existing work.

For the brand it imbues a fairly mundane product with a sense of self expression and personalisation, echoing the tailored offering of the music . To emphasize this effect Ikea is promoting the fact that the beds featured in these music videos were apparently chosen specifically to fit each artist according to their height, weight and sleeping position.

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