Intel Bass Jump

Intel is apparently chucking Romanians off of rooftops in its latest marketing campaign.  However, don’t call the UN just yet as this is actually part of a somewhat bizarre music creation project.

The 'Intel Bass Jump' stunt involved dropping five Romanian Intel employees  (who were suspended from a rooftop) onto five large inflatable cushions. On landing the cushions would expel air into a series of horns, thereby producing the infamous Intel Jingle. A jingle - which first entered our collective conscious in 1992 - that comes second only to a baby’s giggle as the most addictive sound on the planet, according to Fast company.

The campaign forms part of Intel’s long-running ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’ promotion, which previously shot Finnish Intel employees out of a cannon to replicate Intel’s sonic branding.

As with all good virals there is a social media element, namely a Facebook page that offers up behind the scenes videos focusing on the engineering underpinning the stunt, plus an accompanying game which invites users to test their own bass jumping skills.

The technology brand is eager to highlight its “true personality” with this stunt, and position the brand as more in touch with humanity as opposed to having their heads buried inside computers.  Unfortunately, to do this it means that Intel employees in the European Union must suffer a series of indignities online (the worst being seen in those unflattering jumpsuits).

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