Intel: The Museum of Me

Here’s brilliant little online app from Intel – the oh so clever technology giant that previously sent us on a chase across the Internet and threw Romanians off a roof in order to play the famous Intel jingle.

The Museum Of Me utilises Facebook connect to access your basic profile info, turning your social media life into a gallery tour, as your likes, friends and messages are turned into actual exhibits.  The highly personalised short film is then yours to keep and can be shared with friends on Facebook

Intel itself only crops up at the end of the whole process, promoting its new Core i5 chip alongside the app under the tag line of “Visualise Yourself”.

The process is beautifully rendered (with a quick set up and no undue lag time) and delivers a highly emotive experience as your life unfolds as a piece of gallery worthy art. There is also an underlying air of melancholy about the whole thing, as if you are looking back posthumously at your life from another place, and this adds a strangely ethereal quality (as does the soundtrack) to the whole experience.

Cute, clever and moving without feeling invasive. All in all a stellar example of Facebook Connect in action, proving that brands don’t need to come at the social media space all shouting and with heavy branding to strike an emotional connect.

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