Interactive drum billboard

GU, the indulgent luxury pudding company, is set to unveil an interactive music experience as part of its £2M ‘Give In To Gu’ campaign next week in London.

The campaign, which includes a new TV commercial that will run until July, aims to persuade people to give in to everyday urges without felling guilty.

The giant interactive billboard will go live on 25th May on Tottenham Court Road in London, inviting passers by to “give in to their inner rock star” by playing on giant drums attached to the ad hoarding.

The brand will be filming wannabe drum soloists on the day and will  award the drummer that receives the most views on YouTube with a £200 Virgin Experience Voucher.

It’s a  great use of outdoor media as a social event, turning the normally passive ad experience into a participatory piece of music content. The hybrid of experiential, viral and a competition incentive should ensure the street level activity gains plenty of traction post event.

What is interesting about this particular promotion as a whole is how GU is raising its game above other dessert brands  - which normal focus on watching someone else enjoying product – by making indulgence something tangible.

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