Interactive smile sharing billboards

Here's a cute little idea emanating from Israel that showcases a simple, yet easily accessible, connection between a brand's Facebook destination and its outdoor ad placements.

Under the premise of cheering up people trudging their way to another humdrum day in the office, juice brand Prigat set up a unique interactive digital billboard in the heart of busy commuter filled train stations in Israel, in a bid to spread some happiness.

The billboards - entitled ‘Smile Stations’ - were developed to promote the brand’s ‘Open with a Smile’ tag line, and created a tangible link between people online and those viewing the digital ad hoardings.

A specially created Facebook activity invited people to post ‘smile eliciting’ sentences online, which would then be relayed to the digital billboards. Then, through a physical representation of the infamous Facebok Like thumbs up button, passers by could post their reaction to the various sentences that made them smile.

The person who posted the sentence was then shown a live video feed of the person affected by their kind words, with the creators of the most popular sentences winning a selection of prizes.

In total 10,000 ‘smile eliciting’ sentences were delivered to train stations across Israel, with thousands of people interacting through the Smile Stations.

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