Interactive social media horror film

On Twitter everybody can hear you scream.

Toshiba and Intel are taking up the horror lite marketing mantle (something we have written about at length on this very blog) as they look to promote the new Toshiba Satellite P775 laptop to a youth audience.

The technology brands have teamed up with Hollywood director DJ Carusso (the man behind films such Disturbia and I am Number Four) on a new experimental social media production rolling out across Facebook.

The film, entitled ‘Inside’, takes its cue from various films based on terror in enclosed spaces (Captivity, Buried, and so on) and sees actress Emmy Rossum playing the role of Christina, a woman trapped in a room with nothing but a laptop and an untraceable Internet connection for company.

The film’s tag line “Her only way out is to let you in” unveils the central premise of the production, as Christina taps into her social network to work out exactly what is happening to her and how, or if, she can escape.

The series of online films, which debut on the 25th July, will be interactive and viewers will be able to communicate with Christina, offering tips on how to survive her ordeal. However, the social integration doesn’t stop there, as the brands are also holding an open casting call for one lucky person to take up a staring role and appear as a character in the social horror production.

The trailer (below) has all the hallmarks of a big budget production and is suitably dark enough to warrant the attention of ardent horror fans. Just how effectively the interactive element is interwoven into the storyline remains to be seen, but the central premise is certainly a million miles away from the traditional feature heavy advertising associated with laptop marketing. It’s also yet another brilliant side step into entertainment by Intel, following up their rather clever Museum of Me app with another campaign routed in storytelling.

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