IP and Creativity in Mother Russia

This week FRUKT headed out to a very icey Moscow for an event organised by our friends at The British Council and moderated by Tom Fleming. We are big fans of the work they do around the world, so we were delighted to take part in this event on Intellectual Property in The Creative Industries.

Monday saw a host of presentations from a variety of speakers. Video games legend Ian Livingstone gave a run down on the history of the games market and how social gaming and the teaching of coding in British schools will be vital components of the next age. Stephen Beddoe from the University of The Arts in London gave a fascinating talk on their amazing suite of colleges and how they encourage students to learn about IP. It was a great case study on how collaboration, cross-discipline inspiration and industry partnerships can nurture great minds.

I talked about the work we do at FRUKT with brands and with creativity. I ran through the trends that are shaping music and entertainment and we discussed the role that brands can have as patrons and partners.

On Monday night we visited Strelka a collective working space for architects, designers and musicians. Great food in the bar and an unbeatable view of the Moscow River.

On the Tuesday Trevor Cook, a bastion of IP law at Bird & Bird talked through how copyright and IP law were evolving and how his learnings internationally applied to Russia. The second day ended with a series of workshops and surgeries with local young entrepreneurs - their energy and creativity was inspiring and I was shown some fascinating ideas.

One that I loved was VIPMatreshka a service that allows people to have an intricate original piece of art designed on Russian Dolls - the paintings were based on their families or passions, with each one being truly unique. The craftsmanship and attention to detail was amazing, a niche and premium offering, but one that I hope succeeds.

Thanks again British Council for having us over. More here #BCCreative

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