Justin Timberlake endorsement is paper-thin

Justin Timberlake falls a little flat in the latest commercial for Sony’s new 3D TV technology  - literally. The singer, who is bringing sexy back to Sony’s recent marketing efforts, is given a guided tour of Sony HQ – with US football star Peyton Manning by his side. However, minus their 3D specs they soon become mere cardboard cut outs.
Timberlake’s brand alignments seem increasingly keen to manipulate or hurt him rather than focus on any music element. A recent ad campaign for Audi saw the singer attacked by gunmen, whilst a former Super Bowl ad for Pepsi saw poor Justin dragged through the streets and hit in the head with a large flat screen TV.
Bearing in mind the heavy  push on 3D TV he could soon be reenacting the 'flat screen to the head' motif from that particular ad again soon with Sony.

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