A K-pop commercial splash

So you’re in a South Korean all-female K-pop band. How do you make the credible transition from standing around in denim hot pants to the world of creative brand partnerships?

Answer: you jump in a rubber ring and promote a major water fun park.

The six girls feature in an ad for Cheonan Huracle Resort’s Tedin Water Park, riding a selection of slides under the theme ‘Scandal at the Water Park’. “We chose T-ara as Huracle Resort’s models, because they’re cute, fresh, and sexy and we believe that they’ll be able to show a fun side to our park,”  said a representative of the leisure venue. You can watch a making of the commercial (which features music by Keisha, bizarrely, rather than by the band) here.

The trend for K-pop stars to advertise leisure venues is apparently fairly ubiquitous in the region, despite generally being frowned on as a partnership for bands in the West.

That said, we could quite easily see The Saturdays playing Crazy Golf in a Haven’s Holiday park ad.

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