KFC blows its own trumpet

As the World Cup draws to a close, with Spain victorious and the Netherlands left pondering if the karate/football hybrid was ultimately the best tactic, one big question remains. Just what to do with all those Vuvuzelas?

Well, KFC is currently offering a Vuvuzela Exchange Program that offers to swap the mosquito sounding device  for a taste of their new Doublicious sandwich.  You’ll need to mail in what’s left of your Vuvuzela by 15th July to KFC headquarters in order to receive a $5.00 KFC gift card.

Unfortunately,  you'll also need to be a resident of the US to avail of the promotion, which doesn't help clear the landfill of Vuvuzelas in South Africa itself.  Nandos could possibly run a similar campaign in the country, but it might just find several million Vuvuzelas on its doorstep and that it's feeding the nation for free for the next few years.

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