Kia sponsors exclusive music downloads

The Korean automotive brand is once again partnered up with youth orientated TV network Adult Swim on the 2011 Adult Swim Singles Program, this time offering up 10 exclusive free music downloads over a period of 10 consecutive weeks this summer.

The Kia Soul sponsored initiative features a diverse array of artists from a variety of genres, including new tracks from the likes of Best Coast, The Rapture, Mastodon and Ne-Yo.

The promotion builds upon a similar initiative between the two parties in 2010, expanding the remit of last year's eight-week long program by delivering exclusive music videos and interviews with some of the artists involved.

The first artist out of the gate on the 6th June was Ford & Lopatin (which seems an odd choice, given that the very first band should name check a rival car manufacturer). Despite this slight artist oversight, this niche slice of music marketing - geared directly towards the Hype Machine generation who are hungry for exclusive content - will no doubt drive return visits to the destination over the three-month period. Good for Adult Swim, even better for Kia.

"Music is the universal language, and has played an important role in the ongoing popularity of the funky Soul urban passenger vehicle," said Michael Sprague, VP marketing communications at KIA.

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