Kia: viral video on a fingernail

Kia recently created the world’s first nail art animation, turning a labour intensive bit of finger-painting into a successful 1M+ YouTube viral.

The viral, created to promote the new Kia Picanto (the smallest car in its range), required painting 900 detailed animations on 900 separate acrylic nails over a period of 25 days and nights.

A mere 1,800 hours and 1,200 bottles of nail polish later and the automotive brand had successfully turned a nail bed into a micro video billboard featuring one of the world’s smallest stop-motion videos.

This particular Kia promotion is aimed squarely, and rather successfully, at a prominently female demographic, promoting the various product benefits in an engaging and memorable way. “We didn’t just minimise it. We maximised it in a small space” stated Kia, pushing the concept that on this occasion big things come in small packages.

Gillette’s recent ad on a human hair is another key example of this style of micro marketing in action. In a period in marketing history where world firsts are becoming something of a rarity, breaking new ground now requires paying attention to the tiniest of details and microscopic marketing opportunities.

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