Kick the future

Nike’s ‘Write The Future’ campaign would have us believe that at this very moment Wayne Rooney is cultivating a giant ginger beard, donning his string vest and setting up home in a metallic Winnebago on the outskirts of society after the dismal England display at the World Cup. Truth is he’s on a Caribbean holiday (which he alleged booked 48 hours prior to his team's defeat).

Despite the fact the Nike campaign didn’t quite ‘write the future’ the way most of the stars, or fans, involved would have liked, the campaign ad itself was a phenomenal successful.  What you may have missed though is some of the finer details, like this beautiful executed digital pinball machine created for Nike Spain, which replaces the pinball paddles with a selection of Nike footwear.

The analogue/digital mix is an interesting one, with lots of potential inside a fairly underwhelming exterior.

A bit like Rooney actually.

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