Killing the passive music video

Swedish singer Robyn has opted for a minimal yet effective interactive 3D web video for her subtly  titled album track ‘Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do’.

The full screen video  - which has been created entirely in code - is a hybrid of 80s arcade favourite Asteroids and the sort of manic screen saver you may have had on you PC twenty years ago.  However, it’s not the epilepsy inducing, in your face visuals that are the most interest part of this production. What really sets it apart from other videos is both its simplicity and the fact that it is tied into Twitter, offering up the ability for user generated interaction with the video itself.

Words depicting the various things that are ‘killing’ Robyn appear on screen as the track plays out. However, in the later half the wording stems from Twitter updates tagged by users with the #killingme hashtag.  Thereby making the copy as random as the imagery.

A smart interactive touch that probably uses a mere fraction of the Mascara budget of Lady Gaga’s video for ‘Telephone’ and puts fans at the core of the message.

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