Kitchen sink music video

I live literally down the road from an Ikea, and have spent many a day wandering through its windowless corridors of self assembly furniture, searching for missing dowels and watching those who have ventured up from the depths of Surrey attempting to put a full size Billy wardrobe into the boot of their car.

Ikea landed in the UK in 1987, elbowing the likes of MFI out of the way with its innovative Swedish take on how our homes should be furnished. So it’s with some irony that Ikea should now be mining the very 80’s territory that MFI would have inhabited in its latest ad.

A new commercial sees indie act Man Like Me traversing their way through a house party made up entirely of Ikea kitchens whilst singing their own reworked version of the 1980 track ‘You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties’ (by Jona Lewie – he of post Christmas music royalty generating hit ‘Stop The Cavlary’).

The full length version runs as a proper music video for the band, (with Jona Lewie making an appearance as the party’s host).

Ikea’s recent ‘Cats’ video made a play for the kitten loving Internet meme masses and this effort makes a dual play for those old enough to remember the original track (i.e those in their late 30s) as well as those for whom this will just seem like a minimalist indie track from a new band.

Watching the original performance of this song, on the now defunct Top Of The Pops, it’s interesting to see how much kitchen décor and those backing singers have evolved over time. However, Joan Lewie himself looks almost entirely the same.

The most interesting aspect of the new music video is that it also doubles as an interactive catalogue, with viewers able to click on the various products contained within to find out further details.

There's still a noticeable lack of windows though...

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