Kitten-based music marketing

In the old days of the music industry MTV was the default springboard for a new music track and video. Then, as viewer attentions turned online music videos shifted to dedicated web portals and subsequently YouTube and VEVO.

Now, if the new video release from US indie darlings Best Coast is to be believed, VEVO could be given a run for its money by a bunch of cute kittens.

The LA trio has decided to circumvent normal release channels and exclusively debut its new video for the track ‘Crazy For you’ on popular meme site The video itself features a number of lolcats as they help to film the proceedings.

I Can Has Cheezburger first appeared in 2007 and has continued to offer a portal for those people who revel in images of captioned cats (or ‘cyoot kittehs’ to give them their proper Lolspeak wording).

The exclusive launch also features a competition element, which requires viewers to caption an image of Snacks, a kitteh owned by Best Coast's lead singer, Bethany Cosentino. Doing so could net the winner not only a host of Best Coast goodies – ranging from t-shirts to albums and concert tickets – but also a meet and greet with members of Best Coast and Wavves on their joint tour.

It may all seem like a light-hearted gimmick to generate pr, but with daily viewers of 1.5M the website is actually a vast portal to a new – and in many ways more mainstream – audience for the band.

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