KLM: human Twitter characters

There are a handful of brands out there that have truly grasped the nature of social media, going well beyond using it as a push messaging channel and utilising it as a platform for deeper more personalised connections with their consumers.

One of these brands is Dutch airline KLM, whose random acts of Twitter generosity have featured in these blog pages before.

Continuing in a similar vein, the brand recently set up a people-powered marketing initiative that saw the creation of a human alphabet, designed to offer a more personal response to the various questions it receives through its social media channels.

The ‘KLM Live Reply’ campaign saw a total of 500 KLM employees, from all aspects of the company and dressed in full uniform, spending a solid 12 hours in an aircraft hangar spelling out live responses to Twitter and Facebook messages by holding up the relative letters.

Each message was created using only 140 employees (similar to the Twitter character limit), with every message answered within the hour, be it day or night.

It’s a cute premise, if somewhat laboured. Waiting for the employees to assemble themselves isn’t quite the instant messaging we are used to these days, however the personalised pay off - and the knowledge that the brand has spent time dedicated solely to you – is worth the wait.

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