Koktebel brandy: YouTube Glass Piano

We’re seeing a lot more usage of YouTube video as a remix tool, as brands cotton on to the fact that the ability to play random segments of video clips at will can turn even the most basic  of videos into simple, interactive musical experience.

Koktebel Brandy’s recent campaign in the Ukraine for example, has taken the classic rubbing-your-finger-around-the-rim-of-a-glass-to-produce-a-note concept to a new interactive level, creating a music viral out of what appears to be the most mundane of product shot videos.

“Begin with a sip of inspiration of Koktebel Brandy and play your favourite melody using your keyboard,” says the brand, as it invites people to get creative with the Glass Piano -by repeatedly hitting the numeric keys as the YouTube video plays – and encourages them to share their creations with others.

It’s hardly earth shattering stuff I grant you, and I struggled to get much of a tune out of this viral instrument. However, the point here though is that did at all, and in doing so I repeatedly saw images of the brand’s core product, again and again and again.  Which is surely the point in an ad climate suffering from increasingly distracted eyeballs.

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