Kyocera: The Echo Temple

Next month we will once again be rolling out our annual report into brand involvement during this summer’s music festival season.

‘Field Work 2011 - the definitive guide to brand activations at music festivals’ will offer insight into the very best brand activity across the length and breadth of the UK’s festival scene.  Packed full of case studies, insight and interviews with leading brands and festival promoters, it’s essential reading for anyone eager to better understand this passionate marketing opportunity.

While our upcoming report is focused on the UK this year, we haven’t taken our eye of the wider festival stage, and a number of innovative international campaigns have caught our attention this year.

The Echo Temple is a unique piece of on site activity that was developed by mobile manufacturer Kyocera in the US recently. The activation, which targeted the 50,000 music fans at VirginMobile Freefest in Maryland, saw festival goers interacting with six monolithic speaker towers fitted with motion tracking cameras, shaping and controlling their musical environment through the movement of their bodies.

It’s probably deeply technical behind-the-scenes, but the result is easily accessible and provides an all-inclusive activation that turns what could have been a very dull product sampling initiative into a high energy, interactive and emotive experience.  Rather than pushing its product the brand drew a large crowd, turning its promotion into a massive party deep in the forest, enabling people to become the band - rather than just passively watching them.

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