La Senza: Cup Size Choir

La Senza has created the polar opposite to Puma’s Hard Chorus choir of football fans from earlier this year with the introduction of the Cup Size Choir.

In order to highlight its full spectrum of bra sizes  in the UK the underwear brand has developed a Holiday commercial that turns each of its models (wearing varying bras from A- G) into the accompanying musical notes for their cup size. The models, after showcasing the various bra options as their letter is displayed, then recline on a line of white mattresses and perform a rendition of 'Deck the Halls' note by note.

In addition to the ad, more voyeuristic types can head over to an accompanying website and try their musical hand at various other songs as they literally play the models as a virtual keyboard. Visitors can even record their creations and share them via Facebook and Twitter.

It's a simple and playful concept that gets across the brands key message (that it caters for all women, regardless of size) in a fun and interactive way. That said it's does feel a little bit like a 'bedsit burlesque' production, what with the models on bare mattresses. Perhaps this is the down to earth quality the brand is looking for, as opposed to the Hollywood glitz of the new Michael Bay directed Victoria's Secret ad, which is approached with all the gusto the Transformers director normally reserves for robots.

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