Leaf marketing

Everyday someone, somewhere is attempting to advertise their products or service via mail drops and leaflet distributors. The humble high street flyer campaign is an ingrained advertising basic. However, it is also one of the most avoided.

On the whole people aren’t massively responsive to bits of paper thrust at them from strangers.  Junk mail is still junk mail, even if it’s handed over directly by  a human being.

The main way brands get around this is by offering some from of incentive, usually a sampler product.  However, a fairly basic campaign in Boston highlights how consumers are better served when their curiosity is aroused.

Artist William Cravis, currently on a ten-week residency at the Boston Center of the Arts, is busy taking advantage of Autumn – and stamping leaves across the city with various messages.  The ‘Leaf A Message’ concept is very low key, but seems to be sparking interest with passers by, who are all more than happy to pick up marketing messages off the ground.

The simple art project once again highlights how consumers need to be encouraged to make their own decisions regarding engagement with your product, and how initiating a spark of difference in their regular routine is far more likely to push them into voluntarily interacting with your message (in this case, literally picking them up out of the dirt).

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