Lean, mean entertainment machine

Prising one's behind out of the ass-groove you have created in the sofa and dragging it to the gym can be an arduous test of motivation and self-discipline. You often have to sacrifice good quality entertainment at home (Sky Plus, gaming, not doing exercise) or out and about (beer, cigarettes, also not doing exercise) in favour of torturous music channels dedicated to rubbish RnB (anyone been subjected to Flava recently?), sweat and, more often than not, tears.

However, the arrival of the Frevola T7A treadmill means you don’t have to compromise on entertainment while at the gym. The 17-inch touchscreen allows you to pick an avatar that will move according to your speed – so far they only seem to have people on offer, but how great would it be if you could race as your favourite Transformer/Care Bear/sporting hero (delete where appropriate)? You can then race your chosen avatar in real-time against your friends (who also happen to own this hyper-connected piece of machinery).

Better still, you can even play Nintendo motivational games, basing the speed of your character on the pace at which you are running on the treadmill. You can run a fat avatar through a series of levels with various obstacles and watch the character becoming thinner before your eyes – distracting you from the drudgery of exercise.

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