Let them drink Tequila

The 901 Silver Tequila brand has launched its first national multi-media campaign entitled ’Tequila is Liberty’ with a new commercial.

The sexually charged 'Let Them Eat Cake’ ad starts with a thigh and ends with sigh, as a self-assured women evokes the sentiment of the Justin Timberlake founded drink via a monologue that exudes ”a coolness that dominates but is not domineering,” according to the brand. "The 901 Silver Tequila 'Tequila Is Liberty' campaign is centred on our target consumers' desire to experience more and create rewarding and memorable moments," said Kevin Ruder, President, 901 Silver Tequila. You can see Justin's contribution to the commercial shoot here.

901 Silver Tequila was inviting submissions for creative for the brand last September in a Mad Men style pitch proposition, which would net the winner the title of ‘Executive Vice President of Big Ideas‘ for a year and $25,000.  It’s unclear whether this campaign is a direct result of that competition process.

What is clear is that the comedy element utilised in that pitching ad has been striped back entirely to reveal a more traditional seductive marketing presence, with the ad a double play to empowered females as well as the more obvious male audience.

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