Levi’s shapes the future for women

Levi’s recently rolled out it new Levi’s Curve ID platform, offering to cater for the diverse range of female body shapes, the result of analysing 60,000 body scans and listening to women around the world of all shapes and sizes.

Rather than simply offering products by size and style the iconic Jeanswear brand has identified three distinct body shapes that apparently 80% of the female population adhere to.

The campaign threw up some interesting stats, such as the fact that 67% of women think jeans are designed for women with "ideal" figures and that nearly 60% of women try on 10 pairs of jeans to find the right fit.

The new collection sees the San Francisco company mapping out is territory as the altruistic jeans brand for women of tomorrow, a proposition it is also backing up with the launch of a new global online community that seeks to uncover what it means to be a 20-something women in 2010.

The ‘Shape What is To Come’ digital destination is designed to be a “global platform of women coming together to share, inspire, grow and shape their lives” according to Levi’s.  The platform acts as an online mentoring service, whereby those involved can connect and seek advice from 20 select Levi's ambassadors from diverse backgrounds.

The destination is the result of  a survey of 1,000 Gen Y women and their changing attitudes to the role they want to play in society.

“What really impresses us is that there is nothing linear about the way these women see their lives unfolding. In that sense, they really are pioneers, and very different from previous generations. They view self-fulfillment in a very different way,” said Mary Alderete, VP/global women's marketing at Levi’s. “They told us they wanted a peer-to-peer relationship where they could get advice and give it”.

Below Rebecca Boston interviews Zooey Deschanel – actress and female member of the music duo She & Him - about how she bridged the gap between acting and music to share her passion with the world. She and Him have also released an exclusive song – ‘Shape I’m In’ – as a free download to coincide with the campaign.

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