Levi’s walks America

Levi’s has a hit viral on its hands.

The YouTube video 'Guy Walks Across America' – which sees a guy called Mike walking, stop motion style,  from New York to San Francisco to the sound of 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros -  is striking an emotive chord with Americans. The viral has gained its own Forest Gump style following netting  500,000 views in its first few days on the web,  and rising.

The video has echoes of Cadbury’s ‘Where the hell is Matt?’ campaign from 2008. Although this time – post Evolution of Dance - the silly dancing isn’t a requisite.

There’s an interesting making of video here which outlines the complexities of making the viral work, and you can also trace the route on Google Maps.

It’s a compelling piece of video for US residents, and one which ensures your eye is constantly on the brand – those centre stage Levi's jeans – throughout.

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