Levi’s: We Rule the Night

At the close of 2010 Levi’s teased a promotion for its winter ‘After Dark’ collection of Jeanswear in China with a new digital campaign that put viewers in control of the storyline. The promotion is a spin off of a wider global Levi’s campaign and is unique to both China and Hong Kong.

The premise of the ‘We Rule The Night’ experience is that the clothing is “perfect for a night out on the prowl”, and this particular promotion aims to highlight the nightlife antics of its core 18-24 youth audience via a hands-on video experience.

"They have waited all day for night to fall and now it finally has, they are ready to come out and play. Completely at home on the murky city streets, they roam from party to party on the hunt for fun,” stated the overriding Global campaign, and this Chinese addition aims to replicate this sentiment online.

The ‘choose your own adventure’ campaign invites participants to select from five different destinations, with five different story outcomes, as they navigate two characters through a customisable interactive video experience (so, in effect, offering up 25 variations on the narrative).

The video campaign is running on both YouTube in Hong Kong (in Cantonese) and on Chinese online-video site Tudou.com (in Mandarin), pushing viewers through to the Levi’s microsite.

Enabling viewers to tailor their experience of the online video concept is something of a must for this type of nightlife-based campaign, especially for a Jeanswear brand whose ethos is so steeped in self-expression. The ability to shape their own narrative, although clearly steered in a limited direction, echoes the wider remit of the brand which has been putting the craft of creation foremost in its marketing recently.

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