Levi's: All work and no play

Numerous brands have sought to entrench themselves in the heart of a community, to connect with real people and real lives at a grassroots level. Levi’s is going a step further by adopting a whole community into its ‘Ready To Work’ ad campaign, a follow up to last year's 'Go Forth' activity.  The campaign has already utilised a strong music element in its well received Pioneer Sessions project by partnering with indie artists,  and now aims to drive attention back to real people.

In order to push its Work Wear Collection for Fall 2010 – a range that embodies authenticity, exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovation – Levi’s is aligning with the modern US pioneer town of Braddock. Residents from the town, which has utilised the skill set of its many artists, craftsmen, musicians and business owners to rebuild itself amid the economic slump, will feature across TV, print, outdoor and digital media.

In today’s society embracing a diverse community as a brand’s ambassador is a smart counter culture move by Levi’s that sidesteps the usual celebrity endorsement route and puts the brand centre stage in the reality of people’s actual dally lives.  With all the focus on playtime and entertainment is it now time for brands to leverage the reality, and beauty, of hard work and achievement?

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