Lexus: Drumming home its message

Lexus has launched it’s a new ad campaign with a musical twist that it hopes will help to drive awareness of the precession driving experience that is its new Lexus 2011 IS model.

The new ad, entitled ‘Music Track’  - part of the brands ‘Wield Precision’ promotion -  sees the new vehicle (driven by stunt driver Eddie Braun) hurtling through a slick abandoned warehouse. So far, not massively original. However, when it comes to the music selection Lexus has forgone the traditional music sync route and opted for a minimal ad soundtrack created by the car itself.

As the vehicle screeches round the warehouse it drives over the foot pedals of a series of well placed drums, thereby creating a drum roll effect as the vehicle passes by whilst a voiceover extols the precision benefits of the new model.

However, the music element doesn’t stop there. In addition the luxury car brand has entered into a deal with US digital music recommendation service provider Pandora to sponsor a ‘Lexus Precision Station’.

Other activity includes releasing behind the scenes ‘making of’ videos to the brands 100,000+ strong ‘Like’ Facebook community, as well as a specially developed iPad app that utilises the devices accelerometer feature to enable user to engage with the car's features.

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