LG: kill your television

Way back in the early part of 2010 we drew attention to a shopping mall in the Shenyang region of China that was letting its female shoppers vent their rage by attacking specially set up rooms with baseball bats. The service operates as a form of loyalty scheme for those making purchases of a certain value in store.

Well it appears that female baseball rage is now going slightly more mainstream, as LG recently demonstrated with a recent quirky viral promotion in Israel as part of an awareness raising campaign for its new LED TVs.

The technology brand initiated a Facebook campaign calling upon wives of couch potato husbands - who spent most of their time in front of the TV screen and very little time listening to them- to smash up the family TV set with a sledgehammer.

LG whittled down the respondents to a select few, who then spent time ‘training’ with a baseball bat in a bid to be selected for the task.

Cameras were then installed in the victim’s homes while they were at work in order to record the devastation and reactions of the participant’s husbands, as their spouse took a swing at their beloved, but old fashioned, TV.

In the middle of the destruction, representatives from LG then appeared with a gift wrapped 42” LG LED TV to replace the old set. The campaign ran under the tag line: “if you’re addicted, be addicted to the best”.

It’s a simple candid camera style set up, but one that effectively utilised social media to draw awareness among an audience less likely to engage in purchasing a new television. It also managed to gain plenty of press attention, with broadcast TV interviewing the various couples involved. Ironically serving up more fodder for those couch potatoes.

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