LG: You are the Lead Singer

Never underestimate the power of the humble sticker campaign when it comes to doing experiential marketing on a shoe string budget. Often the ROI from a few carefully constructed decals can far outweigh the wallet crippling efforts of the larger than life, all singing, all dancing marketing stunts we see all to often.

Here's a great example of an effective sticker promo from Brazil from LG, part of a marketing promotion for the LG MCV904 Mini System, a new music player that strips out the vocals from songs to create a karaoke system.

The LG 'You Are the Lead Singer' concept saw the technology brand placing hundreds of convex mirror stickers onto CDs, obscuring numerous iconic music artist's faces. When people entered the shop they were confronted with a wall of CDs bearing the mirror sticker (plus a sticker advertising the new LG device). Acting like a musical hall of mirrors customers could see their faces reflected in the album of their choice as their image was put directly in the place of the artist.

The week-long campaign, which ran across six separate music stores, impacted an audience of 25,000 people and incurred minimal costs. That's 50,000 eyeballs on a budget of just $550, a pretty effective piece of budget marketing by anyone's count.

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