Lingerie ads prompt quick response

If there’s one thing that’s bound to turn heads on the underground its lingerie ads, however the concept of QR code enabled media may not be such an easy win with passing consumers.

Lingerie brand Freya is rolling out six separate outdoor ads that feature a QR code call to action, linking directly to a competition on the brand’s website to win a year’s supply of lingerie (whatever that actually amounts to).

The audience is split on his one. For men being a passing voyeur is one thing, rummaging around in your pocket to capture a lingering snapshot of a barely clothed woman in an ad is another thing entirely; especially on your morning commute.  For women there is less embarrassment involved, but the ad still requires a public display of your private shopping intentions.

A recent survey in the US suggested that 72% of smartphone users were more likely to recall an ad with a QR code, yet only 32% of these respondents actually bothered to interact with one – which leaves a sizable amount unengaged.

A previous promotion by the brand on the Spotify streaming music platform, which also offered up a year’s supply of underwear, saw the brand’s Facebook page net a massive 40% increase, proving that contextual advertising – twinned with a strong music focus – enables consumers to net an association with the brand based on a personal preference.

In this case utilising “music as a lynchpin”  - as Ann-Marie Manley, head of marketing for Eveden, Freya’s parent brand commented – gives the brand an emotive point of leverage above and beyond its central sales message.

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