The Living Billboard

A new campaign from Yellow Pages in Israel is pitting the winners of two of the country’s most watched reality TV programmes (Big Brother and Survivor) against each other within a giant billboard ad.

The $1M campaign takes the form of a reality game whereby the contestants are set certain tasks to complete, which they can only do by accessing various Yellow Pages interfaces, such as a Smartphone app, a dedicated minisite, Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

As each party wins certain tasks their living space within the billboard will increase as the loser’s decreases. The resulting chaos will be filmed by six cameras and broadcast across three online channels.

It’s an innovative campaign from Yellow Pages, which has utilised clever billboard marketing in the past – as seen here in this series of 2007 ads - as the traditionally print based company fights for digital relevance (much like Tippex with its recent YouTube interactivity efforts).

The campaign certainly breathes new life into the billboard medium as a broadcast channel, bridging outdoor and digital. The only slight downside with the campaign is that the brand is effectively competing against itself, with one individual showcasing the best of the various yellow pages interfaces, with the loser only serving to highlight how the services don’t always get you want you need at the right time.

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