Loomy tunes

Underwear brand Fruit of the loom has been dressing men up as fruit in commercials since the 1970’s – as depicted here in a 1978 ad alongside an over enthusiastic grandma.

In more recent times the band has opted to turn The Fruit Guys into a musical act, with the four regulars (Green grape, Purple grape, Apple and Leaf) appearing in a selection of music videos. The guys come complete with their own web destination, where you can learn about the characters,  find lyrics, MP3s and ringtones.

The latest musical effort, entitled ' Comfortably',  sees Fruit of the loom embarking on an “epic journey, all in the name of underwear”.  The new track and video sees The Fruit Guys opting for a track that sounds distinctly like it may have fallen off a Nickelback album, as they sing refrains of “ I don’t care, what you wear down there” whilst strolling, in full fruit costume, across a desert.

It’s all rather silly, but updates the long-standing mascots with a knowingly tongue-in-cheek pastiche of ever over emotional music video of the last decade.

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