Lost in Austin: Navigating the Brands of SXSW

As branded events go, SXSW makes the average sponsored festival look like a garden fete.

This is a spectacle that not only sees over 2,000 bands descend on central Texas, but also an unprecedented onslaught of major brands, as they look to align their products with both established and emerging music talent and leverage a 150,000 strong audience of music fans and key industry influencers.

The FRUKT LA, NYC and London teams touched down in Austin in a bid to uncover the real SXSW amid the marketing, music and mayhem that has become synonymous with a festival that exists at the intersection of cutting edge technology, pioneering music, and an (often overwhelming) onslaught of brand activity.

As we trawled from the street party vibe of 6th St to the laid-back house bars on Rainey St, we witnessed a plethora of brands looking to stamp their unique footprint on the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’.  With footwear (Dr Martens, Converse, Vans), automotive (Chevrolet, Mazda), fashion (Puma, Haggar, Ray Ban) and technology (Dell, Pandora, GoPro, Spotify, AT&T, Samsung), all jostling for attention, cutting through is no easy task.

Download FRUKT’s exclusive SXSW Brands & Entertainment Insight Report as we showcase the core brand activations, hear from the artists themselves on the evolving role of brand partnerships, uncover new music innovations, and hijack some of SXSW’s key branding topics. 

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