Lynx: Living the Fast Life

If the conspiracy theories and New Age ramblings across the Internet are to be believed, it’s probably not worth making any big plans post the 2012 Olympics. Whether it’s because the Mayan calendar will run out, or that a planet named Nibiru will collide with the Earth, the end of the world has widely been predicted to put a real dampener on your Christmas holidays come the 21st December.

So with the end of world looming, it’s probably worth getting in all those things you’d meant to do with your life.

With this in mind, those altruistic people over at Lynx are offering to help you cram in as much as you can to your last days (digitally, at least) with the release of ‘Lynx Fast Life’, a new Facebook application that enables you to catch a glimpse of what your life would have been like if the world wasn’t going to end in 2012.

The concept, which recently rolled out in Australia, is targeted at teens – those who have barely lived their lives yet – and supports a new deodorant product’ Lynx 2012 – The Final Edition’.

Lynx Fast Life utilises Facebook Connect, building in a viewer's personal profile details - including five of their closest friends - to create a customised life experience. Each video clip is delivered in typical Lynx fashion, whether it’s a girl dressed as a cat licking a bath full of milk, or being the first man to give birth (accompanied by Lynx nurses, naturally)

Each of the clips falls into a separate category - Breakthrough, Rise, Fall, New Life, Comeback, Golden Years, Death and Funeral. The project took 3 days to film, using over 300 separate shots, thereby ensuring that no two versions of the game are likely to ever by the same.

It’s a great use of Facebook Connect, enabling users to virtually ‘live the brand’ through a personalised digital experience.  What is particularly interesting about this campaign is that it merits repeat viewing, due to the fact that no two virtual lives are duplicated, plus it also encourages social conversations between Facebook users as they compare their virtual journeys.

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