Lynx: Nightlife recall app

Lynx has developed a fairly unique mobile app that promises to help you remember those unforgettable nightlife experiences you have trouble recollecting when nursing your post event hangover.

The Lynx Stream is a simple life-streaming app that acts as a recording device enabling a user to map out every photo, video, text, check-in and tweet in relation to a particular night out for that all-important morning after analysis.

The process requires setting up the app beforehand and inviting your friends to participate. Once rolling the app can be viewed live at any time as it delivers a chronological account of your evening, capturing every tiny detail. It even produces a short personalised highlights video of the event, as if watching a mini movie of your life.

It’s a clever little app that offers users the ability to create an ongoing diary of their social experiences, whilst delivering the brand a bespoke piece of engagement entirely authored and controlled by the user.

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