Lynx: Rugby Rules

Lynx, the overtly sexualised deodorant brand, fresh from V Festival, where it had festival goers joining bikini clad girls in a 20 foot communal shower, is back with a new digital marketing drive after its efforts in the field.

This time the brand that is renowned for its direct appeal to a young male demographic is back online showing the world the quickest and easiest way to rack up close to 1 million viral hits in a matter of days.

Utilising a similar female emphasis as Fortnight Lingerie in its recent CPR inspired viral, the brand has opted to showcase the basic rules of rugby in a style utterly befitting of the brand. Which in short means lots of scantily clad women demonstrating Tackle, Maul and Scrum, via the use of slowmo photography.

It’s the kind of viral that would have Emily Pankhurst chaining herself to the nearest rugby post, however, the figures  and easy PR traction speak for themselves here.

Interestingly a similarly styled billboard campaign (but far less subtle, if that is possible) for Hunky Dory’s crisps in Ireland, that ties in with Gaelic football, has caused controversy and been dubbed "gratuitous” and “distasteful “ by GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) officials. Ironically, this has only helped to drive deeper awareness of the campaign.

The question here is whether some brands have earnt the right to use this kind of imagery – such as Lynx which has built a strategic campaign over the years through the careful application of humour as well as bold imagery - as opposed to others who see it as a means to an end.

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