Lynx: where angels appear to tread

The crossover between augmented reality and the concept of a virtual woman had to happen sooner or later, and given their long ad history the brand bound to bring this combination to mainstream fruition had to be Lynx. (That’s if you don’t count the on-pack AR Swamp Soccerettes cheerleaders from milkshake brand Friji)

The deodorant company set up a simple branded spot decal on the floor of London’s Victoria train station last week, emblazoned with the packaging of their latest scent and a simple “look up” messaging.

On looking up the person standing on the AR marker spot saw an angel virtually falling down beside them on the overhead video screen, who then started to walk seductively around them.

Naturally, a fair amount of hopeless groping ensued as men attempted to take hold of the angelic models as they cavorted digitally on the screen.

The AR campaign is part of a massive media buy and integrated ad campaign from the brand, and for once the AR element actually ads a tangible – well, not quite tangible – layer to the accompanying TV commercial.

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