Magic Mirror makes shopping social

Macy’s ‘Magic Mirror’ augmented reality makeover campaign, which launched as a trial run back in September during ‘Fashion's Night Out’, is now being rolled out in earnest as the retailer looks to revolutionise the concept of the in-store fitting room.

A clever combination of a touch screen tablet and a 72-inch digital mirror enables users to “shop the future” as they digitally browse and try on various garments.

In addition to the convenience element of the technology there is also an integrated social shopping function, which enables shoppers to upload their various style choices to Facebook for others to comment on.

"Reaching out to and engaging with the digital savvy, young consumer is something all retailers are striving to do. The Magic Fitting Room marries together our goals as a marketer and consumer's expectations perfectly,” said Joe Feczko, SVP of Innovation marketing at Macy's.

It’s certainly an interesting proposition with plenty of novelty value. However, it’s still saddled with the same persistent problem that online shopping has when it comes to fashion – replicating the feel of a garment. Yes, the look is crucial, but this only focuses on outward expression. How a person feels in piece of clothing is equally, if not more, important than how it is perceived when it comes to individual purchases.

Ironically, in an era of touch screens, the one critical component missing from these types of technological advancement is in fact ‘touch’ itself.

The mirror, part of Macy’s ongoing ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign, will be in situ at the brand’s 34th Street store throughout November.

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