Magnum: Pleasure Hunt

Earlier this week we took a look at the luxury ice cream brand’s plans to break into the US with help from Karl Lagerfeld and actress Rachel Bilson with a piece of branded cinematic content.

Meanwhile, however, the brand has also managed to construct an innovative – if not entirely original – interactive digital promotion just in time for the Easter chocolate rush in order to promote its new Hazelnut temptation ice cream.

Similar in style to Intel’s recent ‘Chase’ video promotion, Magnum’s digital execution lets users engage in a race across the Internet, with a bit of light gaming interplay added in for good measure.

The premise is simple, in that you must navigate a woman in a chocolate brown dress across various websites collecting chocolates as you go. The controls amount to little more than forwards, backwards and jump. So gameplay is minimal to say the least. However, it’s the visual experience that is the most interesting part of the game.

As the woman traverses the web she interacts YouTube Takeover style with her surroundings, and its these surroundings that are the most intriguing as it sees the luxury European ice cream teaming up with a variety of likeminded brands, from Spotify to Bedhead, Samsung and Saab.

It’s a clever idea and one that ensures the brand is viewed as the natural accompaniment to the lifestyle options depicted throughout the race, from luxury hotels to designer clothing and cars.

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