Malibu Rum: Convenience just got a new friend

Here’s an interesting take on the ever-present infomercial from Malibu Rum. The drinks brand has created a comical – but uncannily true to form – infomercial for the faux product Party Porta Pro, a device that can save you the hassle of mixing drinks at parties.

The device is a cross between a Ghostbusters backpack and a fence-creosoting machine that will help you to “party like a pro”.

The actual product Malibu is promoting - it’s chill and serve foil packed Malibu drinks - is tagged on to the end by way of a  buy this, and we’ll throw in this” extra. Other fake products in the series include the ‘Shaper Shaker’, a cocktail shaker wired into the mains. Mike Morgan, the ads resident ‘expert’ even pops up on the ‘Hey Sunrise Show’ to showcase the gadgets that will “revolutionise your summer”.

It’s all very tongue in cheek. However, the fake ads give the brand the ability to reaffirm the key message about the real product (ease of use for example) again and again with the safety net of parody cushioning the hard sell approach.

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