Martini: Kisser Casting

Chances are if you are a small time aspiring actor, you’ve probably had to do your fair share of mediocre ads, from over the top infomercials for cleaning products to the always slightly demeaning ads for tablets that assist with ‘that bloated’ feeling.

However, if your RADA education feels wasted on these trivial ads, Martini is offering up an opportunity to hit the ad big time and be the envy of your peers as you appear in an ad surrounded by gorgeous women while being  paid a hefty sum to boot.

The latest campaign from the Italian drinks brand – launched by International supermodel David Gandy, under the tag line “luck is an attitude” – is the Martini Kisser Casting Talent Search, a global search for a star for its new ad campaign. The winner, who will appear in a major TV commercial, will net themselves €150,000 and have to kiss 10 beautiful women.

Martini is inviting men over the age of 25 to apply for the role online via the brand’s Facebook page by uploading a picture, an optional CV and a one minute video showcasing why they should be selected. A total of 35 candidates will go through to the final judging session, 10 of which will be voted for by the public via an online gallery.

In addition to the winning prize pot there is also €10,000 to be won if you recommend the eventual winner.

It’s a clever idea, giving one lucky man the chance to live the playboy lifestyle so often depicted in Martini ads, albeit for just one day.  The money is clearly an incentive, however, it is the intimacy with 10 supermodels that really sells this promotion to its male audience, providing the winner with the kind of enviable status boost that money simply can’t buy.

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