Mattel: Genuine Ken

Eight men between the ages of 21-30 are to battle it out in a new reality series in order to prove they are "the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion”.
So far fairly predictable, except the role model they are aspiring to is not an actor, musician or celebrity in the traditional sense. They are hoping to prove their worth as a plastic toy – as Ken, the long-standing on-off boyfriend of Barbie.
Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend’ is a digital reality series where a selection of men will compete to be deemed ‘The Genuine Ken’. Their online profiles will be judged on personal style, personality and the undefined quality that is ‘Ken-ability’.  The men will also take part in elimination challenges, including a surfing competition, talent show and – naturally – a fashion challenge.
The reality series will be hosted by American actress/fashion designer/model Whitney Port - (her of ‘The Hills’ fame)  - and will also include celebrity judges.
The iconic sidekick to America’s favourite blonde is also getting some cosmetic plastic work done, as  Mattel is eager to capitalise on the interest in the toy from high profile coverage in Toy Story 3 with a character redesign.
"He's getting a makeover to make sure he's still as culturally and visually relevant as Barbie is," said Stephanie Cota, SVP of Mattel Girls' brands.  “(The series) is a great way for us is to have grownup girls and boys stay connected to the brand”.
The contestants will be revealed on 1st December, and the show will air exclusively on Hulu in January.

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