McDonald’s dollar reward ice sculpture

Here’s a simple, yet creative, take on a drink-based reward giveaway from McDonald’s, which sees the brand turning a free sampling activity into something entirely more memorable than being handed a low cost free drink.

McDonald’s Canada recently celebrated ‘Dollar Drink Days’ – a campaign that sees all its beverages reduced to a mere dollar - with an experimental promotion in Alberta, Canada (right by the family friendly Sylvan Lake Pier) featuring a beach party, complete with a DJ, street teams, family sports activities and giveaways.

However, the highlight of the outdoor activation was a giant ice sculpture installation, which contained an image of the famous Golden Arches logo created out of thousands of individual dollar coins encased in the 8,000 pounds of moulded ice.

As the sculpture melted, or as passers by furiously chipped away at the ice, it would slowly shed its dollar coins, giving people the exact amount to purchase a drink from the dollar menu.

In a mere five hours the fast food brand parted with 4,000 Canada dollars, converting what could have been a very dull promotional giveaway into a shared reward event that saw consumers spending a few hours interacting directly with the company's logo.

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