McDonald’s: Pick N’ Play

McDonald’s has created an interesting hybrid of outdoor mobile gaming and a branded reward mechanic in Sweden, that nets its impact from a very simple activation.

A prominent video billboard persuaded passers by to dabble in a spot of interactive game play – in this case a version of the Atari classic Pong – on their smartphones.

McDonald’s cleverly avoided any barriers to entry by sidestepping the usual app download route, instead inviting players to visit a dedicated Pick N' Play website on their phones. Once at the destination GPS picked up that they were in the vicinity of the billboard and the person could then select their chosen reward (from a variety of McDonald’s products) and start to play.

Although it was a basic paddle ball premise, the game became progressively harder, and those who could hold their side of the court for 30 seconds were rewarded with the McDonald’s product of their choice. This was redeemed via a digital coupon sent to their mobile handset that they could use in a local restaurant.

A simple idea, but one that manages to bridge the gap between app-based gameplay and the real world, with a genuine reward on offer for those that took time out to publically interact with the brand.

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