McDonald's: I'm lovin it, but I won't do that

Ah, when you’re young and in love you’ll do anything for your partner – whether it’s diving into the ocean to retrieve lost flowers or sound tracking your romance with a Meatloaf song. However, when it comes to sharing your McDonald’s fries that’s where the love ends. At least in Egypt anyway, where this commercial originates from.

Despite its seemingly obvious light-hearted veneer there are a couple of interesting consumer sub messages gong on in this ad. One, that it depicts mild acts of violence (kicking in the shins, pulling away the chair) from both male and female perspectives.  To keep the political peace the man ends up winning the argument, but the woman at least seems to be on an equal pegging with her male counterpart.

Another sub message is that of the shared combo meal. In a country where 79.8% of women in Egypt are classed as overweight (according to a recent survey by the International Obesity Task Force) McDonald’s is signally that there is a more communal way to cut down on fast food, without cutting it out altogether.

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