McDonalds: mirroring reality

Here’s a simple piece of guerrilla marketing that melds the basic premise of fly posting with low-tech augmented reality.

In order to promote the 24 hour opening of its nearby restaurants McDonalds targeted the parked vehicles of late night travelers with a basic yet innovative sticker campaign.

By carefully placing small decals of fries on the back windscreens of cars parked up in the early hours (directly in the sight line of the rear-view mirror) the brand gave drivers the illusion that they were being stalked by their craving for a McDonald’s pit stop.

Cars were targeted in late nightclub districts with the removable window stickers, which also included side mirror decals featuring the familiar golden arches and 24-hour logo.

It’s a very basic concept, but one that manages once again – much like other recent efforts from the brand – to augment the everyday creating a 3D projection by utilising existing media, in this case mirrors.

It’s a campaign that risks irritating some drivers and has some obvious safety implications for those that pull away too quickly from the roadside. However, it puts a new spin on the more basic 'leaflet-under-the-windscreen-wiper' flyers normally associated with cars parked near club venues.

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